JBCRM is a simple and effective Marketing Follow-up System, much needed for any business. Research study shows that follow-ups are the root of marketing, JBCRM helps you do this with maximum efficiency helping you to convert leads into prospects. JBCRM is built as a cost-effective product, we serve this product on SaaS model and hence you will not have to worry about hosting, maintenance and implementation charges.

Automate Your SALES TEAM

Simplicity at its best

  • Web based. User friendly. Built for today's world
  • No software, hardware requirement
  • CRM-on-the-go - use it anytime, anywhere, works on any browser with internet
  • Android mobile application, to access your CRM on the go.

Android mobile application, to access your CRM on the go

  • Add contacts to your crm database from your call history
  • Easy mail and sms to your crm leads from your mobile
  • Anytime Anywhere followup
  • Quick add of leads
  • View the followup history of your leads

Focus on your business

  • JBCRM enables you to focus on your business and your work, not on your software and infrastructure.

Capture lead information in a breeze

  • No training required. Simple screens, any body knows computer can operate.
  • Secured data management.

Multi-user access

  • Create users as per your need. Give privileges to your users

Reports and insights

  • Have clarity over your leads and follow-ups

Email & SMS follow-ups

  • Advanced options of integrating SMS API and email API for communication and follow-up

Customer support to make you Delight !

  • Our team will ensure the smooth operation of the system.


What are our charges?

The charges for the application are users and plan based. The charges paid are for total users purchased and for the duration which is set by the plan. All billing is done based on the plan duration (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually).

Your account will be accessible with an active paid subscription and you can renew your account as per your billing cycle.

What is the security offered by us for your account?

Your account credentials are encrypted and is not accessible even by the employees of JBCRM. All the data pertaining to your account is accessible only with the validated user id and password and the data held in your account is stored safely and is not accessible in any other formats.

What are our privacy policies?

Please check our detailed privacy policy page.

What are our consulting charges?

The consulting charges is as described in the plan for consulting and is subjective to change without prior notice. Although the purchased consulting plan as per the order will entitle to the charges mentioned in the order.

What is the training offered by us to use the application at

All training for the application JBCRM and the 'marketing and sales consulting program' will be handled by authorised trainers and the terms for the training is separately offered in the consulting packages.

Trainings are limited to one time training and additional on-demand training is offered at applicable charges.

What is the back-up solution offered for the data?

The back-up of the information is stored in the server at regular intervals for mitigating emergencies and incase of any hardware failure or natural circumstances this data will be used to restore your information. By no means is this information available to general use and we assure the security and privacy of the data as per our privacy policy.

What are the payment options available for purchasing the subscription?

We offer both online and offline payment methods for purchasing our packages, all payments are subjective to 100% initial payment. The application subscription payment is inclusive of taxes and the 'marketing and sales consulting' subscription is exclusive of taxes, additional taxes as per the state laws will be applicable on this service.

Do we have any stand alone solution?

We offer stand alone solution in the form of customised application package, the costing of which is based on the customisation, development, testing, hardware(if applicable), implementation and delivery charges as per the time of purchase.

How the updates charged?

All our packages are offered with 100% free life time updates. With an active subscription, all the new features released to improve the application and its functionality along with new features to improve to utility of the application is offered to all customers free of charge.

What is our renewal policy?

All accounts after completion of the account cycle is subjective to renewal, the renewal cycle is as per the billing plan chosen from the date of purchase. Renewal reminders will be sent out by phone or email subjective to which the renewal payment has to be made to continue the services. On failure of renewal the account will not be accessible, the data previously entered into the account will retained for 45 days from the date of inactivity, extending to it will be deleted from our servers.

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